Bar/Bat Mitzvah

You are a parent who wants your child’s Bar / Bat Mitzvah to be perfect.

You want your child and your guests to enjoy every minute, you want everything to be well organized and to go smoothly, you want to spend time with your guests AND you want to remember all the excitement, emotion and joy of the day. My name is Gregory Gittsovich, and I’ve been a professional photographer for more than 25 years in Minneapolis, MN . I choose to photograph Bar / Bat Mitzvahs because I really enjoy their excitement, laughter, emotion and religious significance. It’s an amazing thing to witness! Believe it or not, the photographer you select can make a big difference in your child’s Bar / Bat Mitzvah. Yes, I kid you not, the actual Bar Mitzvah – NOT just your photographs! Why? Because your photographer will be there, interacting with your family, friends and relatives and representing you every minute.

Make sure you ask the right questions!

Who will be photographing our child’s Bar / Bat Mitzvah and how much experience does this person have?

Many studios try to increase their profits by hiring cheap, amateur photographers to photograph Bar / Bat Mitzvahs for them. This means you can go to a studio, see a beautiful sample album, and choose that studio. You won’t realize until it’s too late that you’re stuck with a photographer who isn’t capable of interacting professionally with you and your guests, much less of creating an album anything like what you saw in the studio!

Are the photographs in this sample album taken by our photographer?

I’ll be photographing your Bar/ Bat Mitzvah personally, along with my creative director Chris Dillmann. I have been photographing events for over 25 years both in the United States and in Europe. I also have a background in fashion photography, so I know a thing or two about helping people look their best. Because I believe each family deserves my undivided attention, I photograph only one event per day. As you might imagine, that means my schedule fills up rather quickly. So if I’m already booked for your date, there is one other photographer whom I have trained myself and trust completely. His name is Vladimir and he is an exceptional photographer with a lot of experience and a fun personality. And most importantly, he shares my commitment to helping your child have one of the best days of their life.

Is our photographer familiar with Bar / Bat Mitzvahs?

Make sure the photographer you choose understands what a Bar / Bat Mitzvah is all about. You want a photographer who has enough experience photographing Bar / Bat Mitzvahs that they know what to expect and do not miss anything important. You also want a photographer who understands the significance of a Bar / Bat Mitzvah and what it means to your child and family. Since Accent Photography does have this understanding, we are able to anticipate and capture more spontaneous moments between your child and your family than most photographers. These moments are very important, so make sure your photographer is familiar with Bar / Bat Mitzvahs and knows what to expect.

Are there any annoying fees you’re not telling us about?

Some studios present a low initial price without mentioning that they charge extra for things like converting a photograph to black and white, removing a zit from your forehead, going to a park, or taking more than 132 photographs. That’s not our style. Choosing Accent Photography means you will automatically get unlimited photography locations on your child’s special day, unlimited images photographed, a theater style presentation of all your photographs, all your images posted online, and careful image enhancement of all the photographs you select for your album and for your portraits.

Will your photographer use a team approach to capturing all the priceless moments of your child’s special day?

You see, creating an emotional story requires a huge amount of planning, care, and effort. Having two people dedicated to making sure you and your child have fun and that everything goes smoothly makes it even easier to relax and enjoy the day!
I’ll arrive at your child’s Bar / Bat Mitzvah with my creative director / candid photographer, Chris, who is an absolute genius when it comes to this stuff. He will make sure that the Bar Mitzvah Boy / Bat Mitzvah Girl and your entire family look fantastic during your formal portraits. He’s going to be making sure that everyone’s necklaces are straight, that everyone’s hair is behaving, that everyone’s clothes are not wrinkled and in general making sure every detail is perfect!

How committed is your photographer to making sure everything is exactly how you want it?

Many Photographers Just Want To Do A “Good Enough” Job And Go Home. NOT US! I want you to be thrilled when you see the photographs! In your photographs, I want you to see all the people that have been a part of your child’s life, and that you love and care about – showing their real personalities and emotions. Your child’s Bar / Bat Mitzvah will be made up of brief, priceless moments. Our goal is to first help you make sure that your day is so well organized and planned that these moments can happen, and then to help you and your child enjoy and remember these wonderful, magical moments for the rest of your lives.

What role does your photographer plan to play in your event?

If your photographer says, “Your photographs are the most important part of the event because they are all you will have after the Bar / Bat Mitzvah is over,” they are NOT the photographer for you! Why not? Because if they say that, they have a completely false impression of their importance, and will try to run your day and take charge! Don’t let that happen! Because the photographs are not the most important thing. The emotions, relationships and spiritual significance of the day are the most important things!When you hire Accent Photography to photograph your child’s Bar / Bat Mitzvah, you’re really paying for Chris and me to be there, to take all the pressure and tension out of the day for you. You know that we are there, that we truly care about you, and that we will help you with everything so the day goes perfectly. That’s really what our clients are paying us for. The photographs are just an added “bonus!” In my humble opinion, the tender fabric of life is sewn together with beautiful, emotional moments between you and your loved ones. I want to capture and express all those wonderful moments for you in your photographs. If you like what you’ve read, I would strongly recommend that you pick up your phone and call me IMMEDIATELY to see if we still have your child’s Bar / Bat Mitzvah date available.Here’s the problem – because we are so well known and respected in the Minneapolis, MN community because we only photograph one event per day, and because we strictly limit our events to no more than 25 each year, it’s very possible that we are already booked for your day. Don’t let someone else reserve your child’s date!

Give us a call to see if your date is still available. Then, if and only if you would like to, we can set up a time to get together and talk about your child’s Bar / Bat Mitzvah.