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When you come in for your session, we’ll give you an elaborate booklet containing all your options for packages and add-ons, as well as an a la carte list so you can pretty much get whatever you want. While we don’t have a version of this booklet we can email or mail, I can give you a very good idea of what you can plan on investing (which is what I’m guessing you really want anyway)!

On average, people invest somewhere between $350 and $550, which is pretty standard for senior portraits. Obviously, seniors and their families have a wide range of preferences and budgets, so we offer packages from $136 for the basics to $1375 for people who want everything we’ve got.  And there’s always the a-la-cart option which features 8X10’s ranging from $55 to $99 (depending on quantity) and 5X7s ranging from $55 to $89.

As far as cost goes, we’re pretty competitive. You can easily find places that charge more and you can probably find places that charge less (though it’s usually due to lack of experience).  Overall, though, it’s a very competitive market so you’re not going to find huge differences in pricing. Find a photographer whose style and photographs you like.

Our website is a great place to get a feeling for our style of photography and business, as well as check out photographs and testimonials from last year’s seniors.

One thing you’ll find is that although our pricing is pretty standard, when it comes to the quality, creativity and the overall experience, we have a definite edge.  I’ve been a photographer for over 25 years, photographing seniors, models, fashion, and weddings both in Europe and the United States, so I know how to make you look your absolute best in the photographs.  And I’ve photographed enough seniors to know how to make you feel comfortable and have fun. If this all sounds good to you, the next step is to decide which sessions you would like (you’ll find all the choices in your brochure), and give us a call or schedule your session on-line. I will help you set up a time for your sessions and send you a complete guide for preparing for your portrait session.


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