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22__0061__Hendricks__Wayzata__070809Obviously we would love to photograph your senior portraits, and we’re confident we can create portraits for you that you’re absolutely thrilled with. However, only you can decide if we are the right studio for you.                    The #1 purpose of this website is to arm you with information that will help you have a great experience with your senior portraits and prevent you from being forced to hand out senior pictures you don’t even like.
We don’t want your senior pictures ruined. That’s why we’re sharing  over 25 years experience in the Minneapolis area with you. We’ll tell you exactly what to look for (and to look out for) in senior portraiture.


Senior Portrait Tips

 Hint #1

Make sure your photographer has the expertise to use lights correctly!

Photography is essentially painting with light. There are hundreds of combinations of types, directions, and intensities of light from which a photographer must choose, and only one combination will make you look your absolute best.

Lighting mistakes can give your skin an unnatural tone, make your eyes look really dark, or make you look heavier than you actually are. Unfortunately, these mistakes are more common than you might think.

When choosing a studio, ask how many years of experience you photographer has and what kind of background experience they have.

In case you were wondering, Gregory has over 25 years of photography experience, both in Europe and in the United States, and has a background in fashion photography. That means he knows a thing or two about making you look your best.

Did you know that the combination of the lighting and camera angle your photographer uses and the clothes you choose can make a 30 pound difference in how heavy you look in your portraits? Scary huh?

Now, if you are 100% happy with your weight, you want your senior pictures to capture you exactly how you are, without adding or taking off any poundage.

If, however, your ideal weight and your actual weight don’t quite match, you definitely don’t want your “photographic weight” to be altered the wrong way. In fact, you’ll probably want to mention this to us so we can offer you clothing advice and choose right lighting techniques to make you look your absolute best.

Hint #2

Choose a photographer who sees you as a unique individual – NOT as a dollar sign!

You want a photographer who sincerely cares about how happy you are with your photographs and not just about how much you pay for them.

Here are a couple clues that will help you determine whether a potential photographer is sincerely interested in you:

First, note whether the potential photographer asks you a lot of questions about what you want, or just tells you what you’re going to get.

Also determine whether your photographer cares enough to invest time in preparing you for your session. As I mentioned before, your choices regarding your clothing, tanning, makeup, etc., can make a big difference in your senior portraits.

We, as you might have guessed, treat each senior as a unique individual and go to great lengths to make sure you know everything you need to know to look your absolute best. In fact, we even send you a 10 page guide containing expert advice on everything from tanning to choosing your outfits.

Senior Pictures Minneapolis

Hint #3

Ask about retouching!

Retouching is a big deal and reveals a lot about just how much a photographer cares about you and your portraits. At

Accent Photography, we retouch and enhance ALL the portraits you order, making sure that the color is vibrant, that your complexion is smooth and that you look your absolute best. We have the latest technology for the Minneapolis, MN area. Watch out for studios that don’t offer retouching or charge extra for it at the end.


Hint #4

Don’t choose a “factory studio”!

While there are some advantages to “factory / mall studios” (they are usually pretty cheap), the ability to express your individuality is usually not one of them. The problem is that in the interest of moving a lot of people through the studio in a short amount of time, they often tend to photograph you in the same exact pose in front of the same exact props as everyone else.Our goal, and that of most of our seniors, is to create portraits that really show what you are all about. We would love to photograph you with your athletic gear, your car or truck, your pets, your musical instrument – you name it! Get out and really utilize what Minneapolis has to offer for scenery!

This is important not only so that you won’t have to hand out wallets that look exactly like everyone else’s, but also so that when you and your relatives look back at your portraits years from now, they will trigger memories not only of how you looked, but of who you were .

We’ve found that the best way to create this kind of portrait is to really involve you and your parents by asking for your ideas and input. After all, our goal is to create portraits that you totally love, and the more involved you are in the whole process, the more likely it is that you’ll be thrilled with the result

Hint #5

   You DON’T want a photographer who tells you it’s “just a picture”!

We’ve talked to enough seniors to understand that your senior portraits are a big deal – they’re a huge deal. This is the wallet that you’ll give everyone at school to remember you by, this is the portrait that your parents will hang on the wall in your home when you move out, this is the photograph that will illustrate for the rest of your life who you were in high school!

So, obviously whoever you trust to create your senior portraits needs to be able not just to create something that you and your parents are satisfied with, but something that you absolutely love and will be proud to give out.

Make sure your photographer understands just how important your senior portraits are to you!

Hint #6

The more fun you have taking your photographs, the better you are going to look!

If you’re having fun during your session, your smiles and expressions are going to be natural, and everyone who looks at your portraits is going to see it.

Unfortunately, the reverse is also true. If you’re not having fun at your session – if you are annoyed or bored or uncomfortable, that’s also going to show up in your finished portraits and you are not going to like them. You won’t know why you don’t like them, you just won’t .

If you want to have a good time with your senior portraits, you need to consider two things about each studio.

First, will the studio make an effort to help you relax and have fun?

At Accent Photography, we encourage you to do whatever it takes to make your session more fun. Most of our seniors bring their own music to play during their studio sessions, but if you forget we also have a selection here. We also let seniors bring their friends to help out and make the session more fun. In general, we’re pretty flexible and open to new ideas. Just ask!

Also, how will your photographer pose you? Will they be patient and respectful enough to talk you into the poses or demonstrate them, or will they just do it the quick way, taking your head in their hands to tilt it or pressing their fist into your spine to make you sit straight?

The answer to this question is very important, as it can determine whether or not you are comfortable during the session and how

natural your poses look. At Accent Photography, we won’t force you into any awkward positions. Rather, we’ll let you do what’s most comfortable and then sometimes suggest a slight alteration. And while we will adjust your necklace to make sure it is straight or smooth the wrinkles out of your shirt (if you say it’s ok), we won’t physically force you into any poses.

Hint #7

Really think about what you want your senior portraits to mean to you.

The value of something is what it is worth to you. Now, what do you want your senior portraits to be worth to you? What do you want them to mean to you? And for just one moment, don’t answer this question to yourself in terms of money.

Whether you realize it now or not, the true value of your portraits will lie in how they make you feel about yourself, in how proud you are to give them out to your friends, in how well they trigger memories of the chapter of your life that is now drawing to a close (for you, your parents and your friends), and in how well they capture the essence of who you are right now – at this moment in time – as a high school senior.

Even you will be impressed with how good you look in the portraits we create for you.

                                    Hint #8

Book your appointment immediately, so you’ll be able to choose the best time possible to have your senior pictures done!



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