Preparing for the session


Great portraits don’t just happen. They are carefully planned creations. Gregory will be fine-tuning the images he creates; setting the perfect mood, providing intricate lighting and finishing with a masterful post processing.

Here are a few suggestions to ensure you look great and you LOVE your portraits.

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Choosing the right clothing is critical. In every good portrait, the viewer’s eyes are drawn to the faces of the subjects without distractions and this doesn’t happen by accident – there are certain guidelines which, when followed, will allow this to happen.
First of all, choose clothing that you like and in which you are comfortable. Simple and casual outfits that are kept to solid colors; denim, khakis, blacks, grays and earth tones always look good. Stripes and patterns can be very distracting in photos and pull the focus away from the true subject – you! Dark colors tend to slenderize, while light colors tend to add a little weight. For outdoor sessions, try to stay away from whites as they can be very distracting.
If you are having a hard time choosing your outfit, give us a call – we are always happy to help. Families should coordinate clothing. That does not necessarily mean all the outfits have to match perfectly, but they should all be in the same tonal range or color group.
Keep make-up simple and as you normally wear it. Minor blemishes, break-outs, scars? No worries! They will be removed with retouching for any prints and/or digital files chosen. Jewelry should also be kept simple and to a minimum.

Do not get your hair cut, permed, or colored too close to your session date. Hair needs a few days to settle in after a new cut. Also, it is probably best that you not try a radically different style just before your session 🙂 It is also a good idea to bring a brush for last minute touch ups.

Glasses that are worn most of the time can also be worn during your sessions, or you may remove them for the photos. Glass glare can be a problem. We will try to minimize this but sometimes cannot remove it completely. For best images, if at all possible, you might remove the lens from your glasses. Most opticians will do this or you might borrow empty frames to use. But don’t let this stress you. In most cases, only a slight angle to the glasses is needed to greatly reduce the glare.

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